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Welcome to the World of Contemporary Sophisti-Pop! Where 90s pop meets 80s grooves.

SharaLee is a vocalist and songwriter that sings like a breath of clean ocean air. Her interpretation of contemporary sophisti-pop creates a magic- like experience. The music is a sophisticated brand of 90s R&B with an 80s pop groove. Her voice is intuitive. She uses only real instruments. It is like a fine wine with no rough edges. Her lyrics paint vivid and emotive pictures of love, life and loss. Sophisti-pop is emotionally carried. It gives warm hugs or slaps in the face. The melodies and lyrics are sticky in a very personal way. In SharaLee’s music you don’t have to go searching for meaning. These are real stories relating to real life. Time travel to the days of tapes and Walkmans happens with every sophisti-pop beat. For fans of Sade, Simply Red and Anita Baker, SharaLee’s band is the next step. It’s as if Teena Marie, Diana Ross, Seal and George Michael are all in the studio together.