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The Songwriter

It was at this point that I decided I needed to be writing my own music. I am an intuitive singer and songwriter, with no official music education. Being primarily a lyricist has its own set of struggle. While I had no problems creating a melody and writing lyrics, my lack of knowledge regarding music theory has lead me to work with some great producer/composers. My first full length album “Postcards” was written and produced with Norman Robidoux, a Canadian music veteran.

As I continued to explore my identity as an artist the one question that has always been a challenge to answer is “who do you sound like?” I have a sound that is uniquely me. But as I have trained my voice and found new musical influences, I continue to hone my sound. 2016 was a big year of investing in my music career. After a trip to Toronto to record the Gospel influenced pop song I wrote called “Together Again” with Producer Mark Zubek, my husband Nathan decided it was time to set up our own home studio in an effort to be able to work on more collaborations.

This started the release of a series of singles which are featured on my home page. It was also at this time that I discovered sync licensing and took additional songwriting training on how to write music for film and TV. This musical collection is my journey of self-discovery, life, love and loss reflected by the nostalgia of music from a bygone era. The songwriting is articulated in an uncommon way, often referencing Biblical values and yet remaining accessible to general listeners. I know there will be a song that will speak to nearly everyone in that series. Have a listen, if you like what you hear please let me know!

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